Visit to Grace UMC

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Grace UMCA few weeks ago fellow NOMADS Hiram and Cindy invited us to go to Grace United Methodist Church in Auburn, AL to explain what NOMADS are to the trustees. The date was set for today. We met up in Ashville and began our trip about 8:00 am. We arrived early for 11:00 am service and met with Pastor David to look over the campus and learn more about the church.

Worship at Grace UMCAfter the service we talked to the trustees about the history and mission of NOMADS and some of our experiences on projects. We explained some of the type work we have done and what the church’s responsibilities would be if it decided to host a project. It is a very welcoming and friendly congregation. All in all it was a good trip. And we really enjoyed the drive down and back getting to know Cindy and Hiram better.

After we returned to Pine Mountain we got to enjoy a late evening walk around the track with Barry and Donna. We miss them a lot when we travel.

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