Checking Things Off The To Do List

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Some of the many old files we have to go throughIt never got very cool last night but we had rain all night. Good sleeping weather. Love the sound of rain on the roof of Fred. It was a good night of sleep. The rain was about over by the time we were up and moving. We went to Bojangles for breakfast and tried one of their new breakfast bowls. We really enjoyed it. From Bojangles we went on to Anne’s Dad’s office and worked with Anne’s brother Sonny on disposing of some old records, some from early 1960s. We will have the shred truck come by and shred everything after we clean out some additional file cabinets. Really don’t see the need to keep every tax return ever filed.

From the office, we went to the estate attorney’s office to sign necessary papers for the probate process. So many things to be done. Anne got a hair cut today, long past due, so she is happy. By lunch time the sun was out, and skies were beautiful blue. We did a little shopping and then got a nice walk on the greenway. Today we walked to Taco Casa, a local Mexican Restaurant, and bought some enchiladas to freeze and take with us to Baton Rouge. Of course then we walked back by the Cookout and just happened to pick up another milkshake. That was not for Baton Rouge. It was quickly enjoyed. It was good to get a little more exercise today. A good day.

Sunset and good food
Pretty sunset and good food

One thought on “Checking Things Off The To Do List”

  1. I had to go to town so I visited Aunt Helen. She seemed fine. She kept saying she hoped she wouldn’t be there long. She likes her room with the view though. It’s cold here this morning. Love you guys.


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