One More Step, A Few More Miles

Monday, March 5, 2018

Today was a cloudy, rainy, and cooler day. No pretty sunshine today. There was no really hard rain and sometimes it was just a mist but enough you needed a rain coat or umbrella most of the day.

We started our day by going to Walmart to purchase worms for Newdul. It was then on to visit with Aunt Jean at the assisted living in Trussville. She seemed to be doing fairly well with no real complaints. We went through her mail and paid her bills. Max cleaned Newdul’s terrarium and fed him some more worms. For those new to the blog, Newdul is Aunt Jean’s 48 year old box turtle that she raised from an egg. He is quite the hit at the assisted living. When other residents grandchildren come to visit they always want to come give Newdul worms.

Anyway, we had a good visit with Jean and were then on the way back to Oneonta to sign all the admission paperwork for Aunt Helen. Then there was a team meeting with the director of nursing, therapy director, and social worker. Therapy has started their initial assessment and begun designing the therapy care plan with a strong emphasis on balance and lower extremity strengthening while waiting for the clavicle to heal. Once the x-ray indicates adequate healing then they will begin working on shoulder mobility. Because of the two fold nature of the therapy, the length of stay for rehab will probably be considerably longer than the usual 21 days. We also had a nice long visit with Helen and went to the dining room with her. Today she read the ticket that comes with her tray each time. It has a note added “Do not put dessert on tray until after resident eats her meal because she will eat only sweets.” Today she nailed us and asked “Did you tell them that?” Guilty as charged. She wasn’t upset. We all just had a good laugh because she knows it is true. She is enjoying the food at rehab, especially the desserts. Today she ate well and then ate two desserts because one of her table mates gave her an extra dessert. Donna went by to see Helen this afternoon and called and gave us a good report. Thanks so much Donna. It was really hard to leave today knowing we are scheduled to be gone a month. We are trying so hard to not worry about Helen. We know God has got her and the entire situation. We just need to trust Him.

Supper in TuscaloosaAfter leaving rehab we went back to Pine Mountain, hooked up the truck, jumped into Fred and headed to Tuscaloosa in short order. Tonight we are parked in Anne’s Mom’s driveway again. A quick setup, and then we took a nice walk on the greenway and just happened to walk to Cookout and had a great milkshake for supper. Tonight we feel we are starting to relax a little for the first time in many weeks. Know we are now relaxing because Max has been on the internet looking for doughnut shops in Baton Rouge and has found one within walking distance of where we will be parked. Now that is dangerous! So tomorrow there is work to be done in Tuscaloosa and then on to Baton Rouge for doughnuts, gumbo and yes, some work.

2 thoughts on “One More Step, A Few More Miles”

  1. Getting back to some normality will be good for you. I know it ‘s been hard the last few weeks. I feel a kinship with Aunt I love my sweets. Have gained back more weight than I need to. Lol Getting my surgery done was good but now I eat too Have to find a happy medium. It’s a good thing I’m not close to a donut shop. Hope all goes well as you start your new mission project. Love.


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