Day One at Enterprise

Monday, January 8, 2018

SpaceX LaunchLast night after finishing the blog we watched the Space X launch. It was awesome. We watched an orange glow slowly come up over the horizon. Soon there was the spacecraft spewing fire from the rear going higher and higher. You could hear the roar. We even saw second stage separation. It was so cool. Several of our team members were outside with us watching. Everyone enjoyed the treat. We were able to view two launches when we were working a project in Melbourne 2 years ago. Sure people who live in Florida in the area of the Cape seem to just ignore the launches, but any time we are in the area we try to see them. The night launches are especially fun to watch. There is a possibility of another launch while we are here. We will be watching the schedule.

The Volunteer Coordinator took the team for a tour of campusToday we started our work here at Florida United Methodist Children’s Home. There is much work to be done as is always the case at the Children’s homes. After devotion, those of us who have never volunteered here were taken on a tour of the facility by the volunteer coordinator. It helped us to get better oriented. We got to talk to one of the couples working as house parents as they showed us one of the children’s cottages.

FUMCH Chapel
FUMCH Chapel

There is a full time minister appointed to serve here to serve the children and the over 220 member staff. They also have a county school on campus and they work very hard to get the children back up to grade level with student teacher ratios of about 1 teacher and 1 paraprofessional to every 6-8 children. The program is very comprehensive for children age 5-18. They have some children that come in as private placements and some that are placed by the state. Sad that we need places like this but very thankful that this place is here for these children. We would ask that you add these children and the staff to your prayer list.

After our tour some of us started working on replacing a fence, some of us began painting and some began designing covers to be built for some of the equipment in the water treatment plant. After the design they came up with a materials list and plan to start construction tomorrow. There was also some landscaping done today. It will be a busy 3 weeks. We pray God will use us in this place to be his hands and feet.

Finally got to ride again
We finally got to ride again after work today. We rode about 4.5 miles on the East Central Regional Rail Trail.

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