First Sunday In Enterprise

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Wow, heat wave! It was 41 when we got up this morning. It was a partly cloudy day, but even so the temperatures were in the lower 60’s this afternoon. With the wind you still needed a jacket, but so much better. We know a lot of you still haven’t gotten above freezing so you probably don’t want to read this, but we are so glad to be out of the deep freeze.  Finally.

Osteen UMCMorning worship at Osteen UMCToday was Sunday, so of course we had a slow paced quiet morning and most of the team went to Osteen UMC for worship. One of our team members, Bob, is interim pastor there. He is a retired UMC pastor and currently lives a little south of here. Osteen is just about 7 miles from our campsites at the Children’s Home. The church is small, 65 members, and mostly elderly. They were very warm and welcoming and Bob brought us a good message from Mark 1:4-11 on the baptism of Jesus by John. Osteen DinerThe team members seemed to enjoy our visit and after services ten of us went to a local restaurant, The Osteen Diner. Original name don’t you think? There was a wide variety of selections, from wonderful breakfast fare to sandwiches and entrees. We had the country fried chicken special which was wonderful. We would definitely go back here again.  We have enough for lunch tomorrow in the refrigerator. After lunch it was time for a quick nap, and a little laundry. Our last team members arrived just before 4:00. Good to have the entire team safely parked. Of course since we aren’t leading this team, we don’t have to keep up with everyone. Our first team meeting was at 4:00 where we did the official introductions and were given general information about the project. We will start at 8:00 in the morning with devotion and then we will meet the maintenance staff and have a tour of the campus. We are looking forward to getting started. Seems like a fun team and should be a good project. Hope you had a great weekend and stayed warm.Project Kick-Off Meeting

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