Sunrise in Alabama, Sunset in Florida

Friday, January 5, 2018

Last sunrise at GSP
Last sunrise at GSP
Ice stalagmite this morning
Ice stalagmite this morning

Another cold below freezing night. It was a really nice sunrise though. We liked our site because we could lay in bed and look out the window out across the water and see the sunrise. Such a peaceful way to start the day. It was another bright sunny day, with a little less wind. We slowly packed up and got ready to head east. Next week is suppose to be nice at Gulf Shores. Last week was nice. We had bad timing this time. Oh well, with Anne not feeling well maybe it was all for the best. She did get more rest since it was too cold to do the biking we had planned to do.

So today was travel day. We left Gulf Shores about 10:00 CST headed for Live Oak, Florida. It was an easy drive with the only significant traffic around Tallahassee. We stopped a couple of times, found a geocache at a visitor’s center, filled up FRED and arrived about 5:00 EST. We will be on eastern time now for the next 6 weeks. Anyway, totally uneventful day.

When we arrived at Live Oak, we went to Lowe’s. We checked inside for permission to overnight in their lot. We stayed here two years ago on the way south. We like it because they close at 9:00 and it’s nice and quiet. After checking in we had supper of split-pea soup (that had been cooking all day in our thermos) and crackers. Then we enjoyed some hot chocolate for dessert. We will leave by the time Lowe’s opens in the morning. We only have about a four hour drive tomorrow. Hopefully it will be as uneventful as today. And tonight should be our last night below freezing. So looking forward to warmer weather. Hope you are having a great weekend and praying for safe travel for all the other NOMADS headed to their projects this weekend.

Sunset in Florida
Sunset in Florida

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