Raptor Day

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Last night was another cold night. The weather all over the country is truly bizarre. We do hope and pray that you are all staying warm and safe. Please, please remember to check on family, friends and the elderly. We are leaving tomorrow and will drive to Live Oak, Florida. It’s been snowing there and predicted to be 25 degrees there tomorrow night. I-10 was closed due to snow IN LIVE OAK, FLORIDA yesterday but has reopened so we aren’t expecting any problems. We are so looking forward to much better weather in Enterprise. 50 degrees will seem balmy.

We started the day going to the morning session at the Nature Center again. Today was a session on raptors, specifically the red tailed hawk. Since we have a red tail that stays around our house we enjoyed learning more about him. It was another great session.

Cutting floor protectorsWe then returned to FRED to do a little work. We bought some vinyl carpet protector material to make floor protectors to go under the slide rollers. We cut that to size today and will try it out tomorrow to see how it works.

After finishing that project we headed back out to try to get some good photos of the eagles. When we arrived the female was on the nest again. We got a few head shots, changed positions and took a few more. After watching about 20-30 minutes she stood up stretched her wings and stood on the edge of the nest. Then she sat right back down on her eggs. Less than ten minutes later she again stood on the edge of the nest and this time spread her wings and made a quick circle around the nest, landed and was back on the eggs. As she was flying we could hear her calling. We decided that it was past time for Dad to be there to relieve her so she could go get some food. But he was no where to be seen. A few minutes later she again left the nest making an even larger circle and more calling. This behavior surprised us because naturalist Kelly had told us that she never leaves the nest until Dad was there to keep them warm. We think he was in trouble. She again returned to the nest. Just a few minutes later we heard and then saw the male eagle coming toward us. He landed in a nearby tall pine tree. Mom took flight and landed beside him on the limb. They talked to each other a little and then Dad flew to the nest and settled in for his time on the nest. Mom then flew off toward Lake Shelby to find a good meal. Such a treat to get to observe these two eagles. Thank you God for blessing us with opportunity to watch your creation.  (Just a reminder, click on any picture to enlarge the view.)

Next we went to the Gulf State Park Pier. Its the longest pier on the Gulf. Since the weather has been so cold we hadn’t even been to the beach and Anne just couldn’t leave tomorrow without a little visit. We decided to just take a walk out on the pier. However, surprisingly it was closed. It never closes. We walked on out to the water. So pretty and clear. Sand so beautifully white. We have visited beaches all over the world and none are any prettier than the Gulf beaches. Later we saw on Facebook that the pier had to be closed due to the cold. We suspect they had some frozen pipes.

We returned home to have a nice dinner and relax before our travel day tomorrow. We had an unexpected treat. A lady knocked on our door and it was a fellow NOMADS. She saw our magnetic signs and stopped. She and her husband aren’t working projects right now due to some health problems but hope to be back on projects again this summer. Such an unexpected treat !

Another cold, but wonderful day.

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