Departure Eve

Friday, December 29, 2017

Newdle eating a wormIt was another cold morning, 29, but another sunny day. We worked all day finishing up business for the LOLs, paying their bills, etc. Max also took the worms to Newdul and had a short visit with Aunt Jean. Newdul loves his worms. Otherwise we loaded freezer and refrigerator – love our new residential refrigerator. However, it takes a while to move everything because now we can just move our items from the house to FRED without having to repackage or determine what is going to be left home. We do have to make decisions on the freezer but it is so much larger and we generally fill it up since we keep a full freezer at home. Still need to hem a pair of jeans and get some sleep. We start another adventure tomorrow. Please pray for our safety. The forecast is still changing and quite different depending on where you check. Praying for NO SNOW OR ICE on Sunday! Check on your neighbors and family during these next few days. Its going to be dangerously cold.

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