Getting Closer

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Do y’all get tired of us talking about the weather? We start out with that because it is the first thing we check in the mornings because it effects what we will do for the day. This morning was 30 degrees, not too cold but still below freezing. However, it didn’t seem quite so cold this morning because we had bright sunshine. Love it!!

Preparing new travelling companions
Preparing our new traveling companions

We did some more work around the house this morning. We pulled some additional food items from the pantry to move to FRED. We also re-potted some of our succulents to get them ready for the trip south. Some we will have to leave for Juno to oversee for a few weeks.

Max's new attachment
Max’s new attachment

Soon we had to get ready to go to Cullman. Max had another doctor appointment to see what would be recommended for his hand that has been giving him trouble for a few months. We saw an ortho/sports medicine MD. He is an old friend from Anne’s days of practicing in Cullman and we really trust him. He looked at the hand with ultrasound and found that there is a torn ligament that has never completely healed. He also has arthritis in the joints of his thumb. There are a number of options some of which we have already tried. Worse case, he could require surgery but we certainly want to avoid that. For starters, Max decided to use a splint and/or wraps. It’s not like he can totally stop using his right hand but he needs to limit the movement of the thumb. We will see how this goes for a few weeks and then consider other options if needed. Prayers appreciated. We also made a Walmart run, stopped at the Court House to take care of some business there, the medical supply store to pick up the splint, and to check on Helen and Juno. Since Anne hasn’t been feeling very well it seemed like a long day. Anyway, back home for dinner and relax. Thanks for checking in. Hopefully things will be more interesting in a few days when we are really “RVing With a Purpose”

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