Quiet Day At Camp Red Bay

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Boy, the forecasters got it wrong today. It was predicted to be another gorgeous fall day. It was totally overcast when we woke up this morning and we had nothing but clouds until about 3:30 this afternoon when we saw a little sun. Due to the clouds it stayed cooler than predicted as well and if the wind was blowing it was down right cold.

We got a slow start to the day for a change. Max fixed us a wonderful omelet for breakfast and then we did some work on our personal accounting. Later we went to the local grocery store (Piggly Wiggly) for some milk and a few other things. It is a small store and prices are a little higher but we do like to support the local businesses. We walked around the campground checking to see if the campground was filling up. More coaches coming inIt’s not full yet but there was a steady stream of coaches coming in today. One of the times we were out we met our next door neighbor. He is from South Carolina and was hoping to watch the Clemson vs South Carolina game tonight. Unfortunately, he left his satellite remote at home. We just happened to have an extra we were able to loan him so he could get to the correct channel. BTW, for our Clemson graduates, he was pulling for Clemson. They also work with the Campers on Mission.

We then prepared dinner. When we were last in Publix, Max picked up a new recipe for Roasted Potatoes with Bacon. We decided to try it out today to go with our left over turkey. It’s was a keeper even though it’s not very healthy with four strips of bacon. It was good, as was the leftover turkey. 


Finished product with some leftover turkey
Finished product with some leftover turkey. (We added the cheese sour cream and fresh chives, just because.)

After our not so healthy potatoes, the sun finally came out and we walked to town again. It’s over 3 miles the route we take, so with the other walking we did today we probably got 3.5-4 miles. Some work, some rest, some visiting, and some exercise. It was another good day.

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