Back to Red Bay

Friday, November 24, 2017

Entrance to the Tiffin Service CenterToday was another short travel day. A gorgeous day, although a little chilly most of the day. We left Tuscaloosa at 6:55 this morning in route for Red Bay, Alabama. We will spend the weekend at the Tiffin Allegro Campground and Service Center awaiting service the first of the week. We have some additional warranty work to be done. As was last time, nothing major, but we do think we may have a hydraulic pump leak and we would like for that to be repaired before we head out for more projects the first of 2018. This pump operates our jacks which seem to be working okay but if we are parked for a three week project they seem to leak down slightly. Anyway, the other things on our list are primarily cosmetic but since we are here we will ask that they be completed. We had an uneventful drive to Red Bay with the exception of a herd of deer along side the road a few miles out of Red Bay. We did have to use the big air horn to get them to run back into the woods. Hated to scare the pretty things but they were too close to the road and looked to be considering crossing in front of us.

After arriving at Red Bay, we registered in and went to the local Jack’s for a late breakfast. Back at the rig we completed all the paperwork for the warranty work we are requesting and had the afternoon to relax. A nap, and a nice long walk took up most of the time. We have not gotten much exercise the past few days so the walk to town was great. We were blessed with a beautiful sunset to close out our day. Hope y’all didn’t overdose on the black Friday sales and are continuing to enjoy the holiday weekend. Sunset in Red Bay

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