Back To School, Again

Monday, November 6, 2017

Remains of our trip to Sunnys Donuts
Remains of our trip to Sunny’s Donuts

It was a very cloudy and foggy morning, but was a bright and sunny afternoon. We were up early so we could go to Sunny’s Donuts before class. Their fritters were as good as we remember. And we have a cinnamon roll for tomorrow. We tell people we come to Gaffney for the doughnuts and just get the motorhome serviced while we are here. Not quite the truth but we sure do enjoy the doughnuts.

Class started at 8:00. We had a working lunch then a break from about 4:15-5:15 and then a working supper. Class todayWe have seventeen people in the class (we think), some of which are are very, very new to RVing so there are a lot of questions. We have learned some very useful information and expect more of the same tomorrow. Fred will be in for his first service tomorrow. We don’t expect any problems to be found and plan to leave Gaffney on Wednesday morning. Class is about all we did today with only about 30 minutes of walking. Talked to Mama Ruby and Anne’s brother Jim tonight and both seem to be doing well. Thank you Lord! Praying for some good times for both of them.  Hope everyone is having a good start to their week.

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