A Hike Back In Time

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Webcast of LMUMC early serviceToday was mostly a cloudy day. Temps in the low 70s. There was some light misty rain early. We looked online for a church to visit this morning, but decided what we really wanted to do was stay home and stream Lester Memorial’s service online. We miss Lester when we are gone so it was really good to worship there via the internet this morning. Today was All Saints Day so it was especially nice to “be there” today. We also got to see Donna and Barry and Anna and Edu and others via the streaming. Nice! We should be back there next Sunday.

Entering Cowpens National BattlefieldAfter church we visited with some of the others here at Camp Freightliner and then went to the grocery store. Rather than going straight back to the campground we decided to drive out highway 11 which is a scenic drive through South Carolina. We were soon at Cowpens National Battlefield. We hiked between 4-5 miles going through the park areas. The battle at Cowpens was a turning point in the American Revolution. The win here lead to the British surrender at Yorktown and the beginning or our country. So glad we took the time to do the extra ride today. What a nice park. At the visitors center we caught the end of the Ranger’s presentation about weapons of the period. There was a 5 year old little boy named Max who according to his parents it very interested in the Revolutionary War. They have some educational DVDs and that’s what he watches all the time. It was obvious he knew an amazing amount about the war. He was wearing a little British Redcoat uniform. He was so cute and smart. Fun time today and a great place to hike.  We will probably go back there next year and maybe ride the bikes.  The drive was pretty with all the nice fall leaves too.


Just after we arrived back at the campground a couple drove up with NOMADS magnetic signs on their car. Talk about a surprise. They are here to get a little work done on their Phaeton. They have just completed their first project in Ocala, Florida. They came in and we talked about NOMADS for a while and answered a lot of questions for them. What are the chances that this would happen? We met some new friends. Great ending of the day. Tomorrow, we start class.

More fall foliage
More fall foliage at the National Battlefield

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