Back To FRED!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The clouds finally cleared out. Today was mostly sunny, but still hot and humid. They keep saying it’s going to cool down and dry out but it hasn’t happened yet.

Brief blog today because it has been a long day and it’s already bedtime. We loaded out the rest of the things we thought we would need in Cedartown and headed out. We stopped by to check on and say goodbye to Juno and Helen. It was then on to Trussville to deliver supplies to Aunt Jean and check on her and Noodle (Aunt Jean’s almost 50 year old box turtle). Noodle enjoying a mealNoodle has been out of worms for a while so he was obviously very glad to see Max and the four worms he was fed. After a stop at the bank it was on to St Vincent’s East to see Max’s cousin Janet. Please add her to your prayer list. She has a GI bleed and will require surgery Friday. We were glad we got to see Donna and Tim while seeing Janet. Please remember the entire Lingo family.

From the hospital it was on to Tuscaloosa to reunite with FRED. We were glad to see that he was in good shape from weathering Nate in Tuscaloosa. Then we went to see Mama Ruby. She has had good reports from all three doctors she has seen this week. The orthopedic surgeon discharged her stating the bones in the ankle are healed. Thanks be to God! The MD did extend the therapy for one more month for which we are very glad. The PCP made no changes and set a return check for December. Finally, the cardiologist noted, “You have ankles today.” Prior to the hospital stay and IV diuretic she had so much swelling you couldn’t see her ankles. Her walking is continuing to improve and the breathing is obviously better. She is getting around well with just a cane inside her apartment. The therapist still won’t let her walk outside the apartment without the walker unless he or staff or family are with her. After visiting and when Mama Ruby went to supper, we ran her errands. We then decided to get some exercise by walking the Tuscaloosa City Walk, Forest Lake portion. It is a really nice, wide, well lit trail that begins not far from Mama Ruby’s house. There are plans to extend the walk in both directions so that eventually it basically follows the course of the 2011 tornado through Tuscaloosa. Wish we had something like this close to our house (of course without the tornado track). A good, but busy, day and we got to see all four of the LOLs again.

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