More Errands and A Puppy Fix

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Today was much like yesterday weather wise. Cloudy in the morning and then some sun in the afternoon. It threatened rain but never did. And yes it is still so humid! Then it clouded over completely just before dark. Sounds like it is going to stay that way through tomorrow. YUK!

Walking Cousin Janet's quiet little furbaby
Getting our puppy fix with Cousin Janet’s quiet little furbaby

Early this morning we did some work around the house, then mid-morning took Juno to Oneonta to take care of some business. Max got a much needed hair cut, too. Throughout the morning we were staying in contact with our dear friend and Max’s cousin because her mom was in the ER. She has a GI bleed. Please be in prayer for Janet. However, because Janet was in the ER we got our puppy fix. We went to Janet’s house and walked and played with her sweet puppy Chance. He started chasing a chipmunk around a storage building. Too funny. After spending some time playing with Chance, we spent some more time with Juno and Helen then back home to try to get organized for our next NOMADS project in Cedartown, GA. Busy day but not much that was blog worthy.

There was only one bloom on the rose bush on Sunday
There was only one bloom on the rose bush on Sunday

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