More People Arriving

Thursday, September 14, 2017

It was another beautiful day in Iowa. It has warmed up and is actually hotter here than in Alabama. No what we were expecting or wanting, but it cools off enough at night that the mornings are really nice. By afternoon it’s getting into the upper 80’s, but today was the hottest in the extended forecast. We had a beautiful sunset tonight. Slept in again so don’t know what the sunrise was like. That’s too days in a row. Unusual for us. We have a board meeting at 9:00 tomorrow so won’t be quite as lazy tomorrow.

Riding by the lily pondThis morning while it was still cool we biked back into Amana to the post office. We took the trail around the lily pond again but didn’t make so many stops at the shops today. We did stop at the visitors center in Amana and a really nice lady there helped us with additional trail maps. Looks like there are some more nice trails we hope to ride.

Interesting planter outside one of the businesses
This is an example of the beautiful flowers and landscaping all over Amana.

The rest of the day was basically spent meeting new people, and renewing friendships and catching up with old friends. More people have arrived early than we expected.  Every time we went back outside more rigs were arriving.  Probably because its’ a really nice RV park and lots of things to do in the area.  Tomorrow we will check in at registration, go to the meeting and then Max will be helping with parking rigs tomorrow afternoon.   Don’t know if we will get much riding in tomorrow. We should have time later in the week. Thank you God for a wonderful, relaxing day.

Sunset at the RV park

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