Exploring Amana

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A nice start to the day. Slept late this morning. After all the early mornings we have had lately it was really nice to have a slow start to the day. It was in the 50’s when we got up, so a little cool but a beautiful sunny day with temperatures climbing into the 80’s.

We decided we wanted to do some bike riding today. We needed some exercise after all the driving of the last week. We discovered there are several bike trails in the area. Based on our reading before arriving we had planned to return to do a trail that runs beside the river in Iowa City. However, we found there are trails here in Amana and the other colonies so we decided to stay here and ride and explore the area at the same time. The trail we chose today was from the RV park up to Middle Colony. We didn’t explore that area but continued on the trail around the lily pond. We are sure that area would be beautiful when the lilies bloom in June. However it was neat to see all the lily pods today. We thought of all the florists and flower people we know that would love to have all those pods for their arrangements.


From the lily pond we rode into Amana and began exploring there. We didn’t get much exercise there because we kept stopping at all the various shops. The first stop was the furniture shop. There were beautiful hand made pieces of furniture and clocks. Also some beautiful quilts. There was one coffee table with bear paw prints that we thought Donna would love. It was a beautiful piece. Sorry, Donna, it wouldn’t fit in Fred to come back to Alabama. Next stop was the bakery. Goodness, everything looked delicious. We didn’t bring anything home for there either. (We ate it.) Then there was the fudge shop, actually two of those, the general store and the popcorn and ice cream store. So many neat things to admire and taste. Decided we would have to go back in the truck since we can’t carry much on the bikes. Then we were back on the trail back to the RV park. We stopped to find a couple of geocaches along the way. Don’t know how far we rode today because the GPS was all over the place with us riding and walking and going in and out of stores. We think it was probably only about 7 miles.


Yard art in front of one of the bed and breakfasts in town
We also saw this impressive collection of metal yard art in front of one of the bed and breakfasts in town.

After the ride we came back to the rig and had our leftovers from last night for a late lunch. We noticed that several more NOMADS had arrived so the rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and visiting with our friends and playing with their puppies. It was a very nice day.

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