Animal Sitting

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Today here in Senoia, Ga it was a mostly cloudy and sometimes rainy day. We did have some sunshine late this afternoon. We did what we came here to do. We took care of the animals. We were able to give the dogs some nice walks which they seemed to enjoy, and we did too. We also had some time to do a little shopping. And it was actually shopping today rather than buying. We have had some ideas about things we might want to do inside FRED but just haven’t had the time to really look around so today we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and some other similar stores in Peachtree City just looking around. We are more accustomed to going to buy something rather than simply looking and shopping. We usually know we need or want a particular item and go purchase it. It was nice just to relax and look around. We also spotted what turned out to be a really good thrift store on the way back to Jim’s from Peachtree City. We both were able to pick up some nice quick dry t-shirts to wear for work. We hate to buy new shirts and then wear them on projects where we frequently get pretty dirty and sweaty or maybe paint. We spoke to Jim a few minutes ago and he is about 30 minutes away so we are looking forward to seeing him and spending a little time together. Looks like there is still some heavy weather out there so everyone stay safe and pray for a safe travel day for us tomorrow please.

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