It’s A Rainy Day In Georgia (and Alabama)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Today's Weather
Today’s weather everywhere we went

Today it rained. It rained hard. It rained not quite so hard and it drizzled. It was raining on Pine Mountain when we left at 6:30 this morning. It was raining in Tuscaloosa for Ralph’s funeral. And it is still raining when we got to Georgia. Oh, well. They decided to have Ralph’s funeral inside instead of at the grave. We made it safely to Georgia in spite of the crazy drivers and we are in a nice dry home. God is good! We also took Anne’s mom to the funeral too. We are so glad she was able to attend. She is definitely making progress even though it is too slow in her opinion.

One of Ralph's scroll saw baskets
One of Ralph’s scroll saw baskets

Today was Ralph Krupp’s funeral. We told you a little about him last Thursday when he died. Dan Kilgore, one of Ralph’s friends and pastor of First UMC in Tuscaloosa did the service. Dan talked about Ralph’s 35 bombing missions over Europe, and then the resupply missions following D-Day and also about Ralph’s honesty and integrity. Dan said that Ralph usually commented on his sermons each Sunday. He would usually say something like “that was a good message pastor”, but sometimes he would also add, “but you have done better.” Dan added, “and he was usually right.” Ralph also made many wood craft items that the United Methodist Women sold to raise money to support various missionaries. Ralph’s woodworking was beautiful and we are so glad he gave us a few of his pieces. We remember Ralph as a loving and caring person who always had a smile on his face and a positive attitude. We also always new he loved us and his Lord.


We are currently in Senoia, Ga, where Anne’s brother Jim lives. (Yes, this is where they film “The Walking Dead” which we have never seen.) We are here to help Jim out with his animals while he has to be out of town on business. Anne’s cousin Nancy has helped with the animals many times since she lives fairly close, but Nancy is unavailable currently. Anyway, Marguerite loved animals. All animals. So Jim now has two dogs, Roxxy and Dixie and six cats. We have about two pages of instructions for caring for the various ones. They are all sweet animals but we aren’t accustomed to quite so many. It does allow us to get our puppy fix since we still miss our Scout. Jim should be back tomorrow and we will try to get some other things done for him while we are here. Times are still hard for Jim so please continue to remember him in your prayers. We are anxious to return to Alabama and go pick up FRED.

Today we had several comments and emails in response to last night’s blog. And we thought we were putting people to sleep. Thanks for all the responses. Some were quite funny. It really cheered us up as they came in throughout the day. You guys are great!

Odometer reading at some point during the trip today
Odometer reading at some point during the trip today

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