Let the Fireworks Begin

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

It was another pretty summer day in Alabama. Highs in the mid to upper 80’s this week which is so much nicer than those 90’s.

Anne went to Tuscaloosa to take care of business for her Mom – 10:00 am meeting, and then there were errands to run. Mama Ruby is adjusting to assisted living. She has met several people and has some ladies that she has been eating with each meal. She is participating in a number of the activities although she had to miss some of those today because physical therapy started back. She still has a long way to go with her walking and balance. Hopefully that will improve over the next month. She is still not putting much weight on the broken leg. We sure hate to see her in the wheelchair so much of the time. Really praying for continued improvement and that she will be happy. As soon as Anne completed the errands she headed back to Blount County to assist with Juno’s move.

Max, Randy, David and Debra worked all day getting Max’s mom, Juno, moved into Aunt Helen’s house. They all had a tiring day. Do you know how heavy lift chairs can be? The two chairs our ladies have are HEAVY! The guys moved them multiple times today. Helen wanted her lift chair then she didn’t like it. Then she wanted Juno’s and Juno wanted Helen’s. Fun times! Anyway, at the end of the day Juno is now living at Helen’s. Immediately on walking in to the den, Juno started fussing at Helen to get her feet up so the swelling would go down. Well, that was a little discouraging. They started fussing before we even had Juno’s lift chair in the room. Some of us started having second thoughts about this whole move. The move seemed like such a good idea but… Randy and Debra are staying there tonight so they can referee. We are at home in our quiet house. Really, Juno and Helen are very close sisters and we expect this to all work out fine, but Juno is giving up her house and neither are accustomed to having anyone else in their home. Again praying for an easy transition for them both. Bless all the LOL’s hearts. There are all over 91 and life is just hard for them all right now.  Debra did find another treasure today.  A quilt top that we are pretty sure Max’s grandmother pieced together.  Don’t know what the pattern is called.  We are hoping to find some one that can quilt it for us. Debra wants us to put it on Juno’s bed so she can sleep under her Mother’s quilt.  That would be nice.  

3 thoughts on “Let the Fireworks Begin”

  1. Hopefully they will get settled down and things will go better. It’s a big transition for them both. Probably much harder on Aunt Juno. Praying for them.


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