Another Day at Home

Monday, July 31, 2017

Another day of chores and getting ready to move Max’s mother. It started with a follow-up with the oral surgeon for Max and a little shopping. Then we spent a while tracking down another mis-delivered Amazon package.  It’s good to know that when the Postal Service delivers an Amazon package they record the GPS coordinates of the delivery. We have had to use that twice to find our packages. The last time the package was several miles away at a house that did not have the same number as ours or a similar road name.  At least this time the package was at a friend’s house on the same road so we took the opportunity catch up with them on some of their volunteer mission work. When we walked up to their house we saw their house number clearly posted on the side of the house and it is not similar to our number.  We also thought it humorous that it was the same side of the house where the GPS coordinates show the package was delivered.

After that visit we spent the rest of the day getting things ready for the big move tomorrow and ended the day by peeling and chopping and packing peaches until about 9:00pm.  Remember the peaches we bought in South Carolina.  It was a half bushel box and they finally ripened and are now in the freezer.  We will enjoy peach cobblers and ice cream.

Not very interesting for blog readers, but after over 25 years in public safety work we think sometimes boring days are good days.

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