All Our Team Is Here

Sunday, July 16, 2017

This morning was nice and cloudy. We again walked about 6:30 to get some exercise before it got too hot. It was only 73 when we walked today, humid, but with the clouds, certainly much better than yesterday.

Back at Chestnut Street UMC todayThe team went back to Chestnut Street UMC today since we wanted to introduce Larry and Carol to our host church and show them the supply trailer. There was a large group of youth from Pennsylvania in worship today. They are here for the week to work on homes in the area. They will be working on some roofing and window installations. Not sure what else. The message today was on the parable of the sower. Pastor Lowry reminded us that the different soils represented the different problems of our heart. Excellent service again today. Again such a warm welcome and much appreciation shown for the volunteers in town working to restore Robeson county. We really like working here and are praying about returning fall of 2018 for more work here. BTW – that let’s you know how much work there is to do here. They have already scheduled a NOMADS team for fall of 2018.

After worship we went back to Pier 41 again. Again the owner visited with us and thanked us for working in his community. Again we all enjoyed our food. Today we had broiled shrimp and it was oh so good! Always really good food, large portions and very reasonable prices. After lunch we took Larry and Carol to what will be the new UMCOR campground for volunteers since they will probably be moving to the new location while they are here. It was then back to the fairgrounds and waiting on our last team members to arrive. Ray and Cathy arrived safely, about 2:45 and got parked and settled before the rain began. So we have our team for this week. Yea!RVs for our last week here

Team meeting for week four
Team meeting for week four and National Ice Cream Day

We had our team meeting at our RV at 6:00 and since it was National Ice Cream Day we made home-made peach ice cream to serve the team. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and it was a good time of getting to know our new team members and familiarizing them to what we are doing here. Seem like another good group. Looking forward to this week and what we will be able to accomplish for the home owners.

Our view of the rodeo
Our view of the “rodeo”

You again ask “what about the Mexican Rodeo?” Well it is now 9:30 and we are sitting in our RV listening to very loud Spanish music. It seemed to get started mid afternoon. We saw a few horses, no bulls or anything else rodeo-wise. Of course it did storm late afternoon so that could have changed their plans. Anyway we were a little disappointed we didn’t get to see bucking bulls. All we have seen much of is a lot of dancing and loud music. We are about 2 football fields away from the gathering and it is loud and we can feel the bass vibrating FRED. Everyone seems to be having a good time. We do hope it doesn’t go too late since we have to work tomorrow. Sorry, no pictures of people flying off bulls.

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