New Arrivals

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Now we are two towables and one motorhomeToday was another hot one. The temperature started upward quickly this morning. We did our walking at 6:30 am today to try to beat the heat but the sun was warming it up quickly. Heat index was predicted to be 105 but since we weren’t working and were staying in the air conditioning we didn’t ever check it today. We stayed home all day and relaxed, did a little house cleaning (vacuumed and mopped), and watched movies. Love the fact that we can clean the whole motor home in so little time! Our first couple joining us this week arrived about 3:45 this afternoon after a hard drive with lots of backups on the interstate. So thankful for their safe arrival. Larry and Carol will be taking over leadership when we leave at the end of the week. We have another couple that should be arriving tomorrow afternoon.

What about the rodeo you ask? We are wondering about that too. No signs of a rodeo today. No bulls, no beer and all is quiet. There is something going on inside one of the buildings here at the fairgounds with a fair number of cars but otherwise no activity.  So sorry – no interesting pictures of bulls bucking people off. Tomorrow?? We will see.

Late this afternoon we had a severe thunderstorm come through and the temperature dropped almost immediately. It is currently 73. Nice! Actually the high for tomorrow is only suppose to be in the 80’s and the first of next week should be cooler. That will be a welcomed relief. After the rain we had another beautiful sunset – in both the western and eastern skies.


Please continue to pray for the safe travel of our NOMADS this weekend and remember to pray for the pastors of all the churches tomorrow.  Hope you are having a great weekend!


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