Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 14, 2017

We are both blessed with still having our mother’s with us for another Mother’s Day. And we both got to see our mothers today, although Anne in Georgia and Max in Alabama.

Anne:  I am still in Atlanta with my brother Jim and his wife Marguerite who has ovarian cancer.  My Mom has been here for the past week and it’s time for her to go back to Tuscaloosa.  I will stay a few days to help Jim out with some cooking, cleaning, and care of Marguerite.  It’s a blessing to get to spend some time with them and visit even though it’s under the lousy circumstances of cancer.  Since I hadn’t seen Mom since we went to the Sumatanga project six weeks ago it was great to get to see her, too.  Very grateful that I was able to be with my Mom on Mother’s Day.  Really hate that I was unable to see Max’s mom today but at least he was able to see her.  Marguerite had a really rough morning, but pain improved during the afternoon and we had a little time to visit when she was fairly comfortable.  Taking it one day at a time.

Morning visitor
Morning visitor

Max: As I was headed out the door to go to church I looked out through the garage door window and saw a doe standing just outside. I grabbed a camera and slipped out the back door. Using the corner of the house as a blind, I held the camera around the corner and snapped a few pictures. The deer heard the shutter and slowly walked away. By the time it was out of sight, three other does joined her and trotted over the hill. That is one of the joys of living in the country.

Yesterday, while working on the back deck, I heard a familiar hum overhead and then some tiny chirps. Someone was telling me it was time to put the hummingbird feeder back out. As soon as I did, a camera shy male came and checked it out and left. This afternoon there were several around the feeder so I was able to get a few pictures.

Murder in Blount CountyLater this evening I took Mother her card and gift, an autographed copy of Murder in Blount County by Judi McGuire. It is a fictional mystery based in our home county using names of people and places that we know. Of course, unknown to us, she had bought herself a copy on Wednesday when the author was at the Oneonta Public Library for a book signing. Anyway, it was good to see her (and my sister who was also visiting) and Mother appreciated the thought.

Mother's irises.jpg
Max’s mother has always had a green thumb as witnessed by these irises growing in her yard.

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