Saturday Workday

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Last night Anne received a call from her brother asking her to come to Senoia (Atlanta), Ga to help with Marguerite.  Marguerite had taken another turn for the worse, was in a great deal of pain and Jim was having problems getting it under control. Anne left early this morning to drive over.  She arrived safely and found things had improved a little over night.  Marguerite is, as expected, continuing to decline.  She is not yet in Hospice, but that may change the first of the week.  Pain control is becoming more difficult.  Please continue to pray for the entire family.

When we returned from North Carolina, our driveway had washed out some from the heavy rains while we were gone, then again yesterday while we were in Red Bay. So, today Max’s priority was to get started making the driveway passable for a motorhome. First he had to do some regular maintenance on the tractor and get it out of the basement without tearing up the back yard too much. Once that was done it only took a few hours to repair the washouts and mow back some of the privet hedge from the sides. There are still some limbs to cut before the new motorhome arrives, but at least now cars can get in and out without dragging and having limbs drag across them.

Max also rode a few miles on his bicycle for the first time since his surgery. No problems and he enjoyed the ride to visit his mother.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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