More Rebuilding

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sun over the foggy lake

Today began with a beautiful fog bank over the lake that the sun was able to burn off fairly quickly. It sure was beautiful for the short time we had to enjoy it.

Morning devotion by Bryant and JackieBryant and Jackie handled devotion as well as the music for us today. They brought us a Rick Warren devotion based on Matthew 7:24-29 from The Message. Since we are in the building phase of the project now this was very appropriate. The foundation determines the size of the building built upon it and whether the building stands or falls like the pavilion fell last Saturday night. We choose what we use for our foundation, maybe popular culture, tradition, reason, or emotions. All of these while not necessarily being bad will eventually fail. Only the Word of God will never fail and is the only real choice for our foundation. We had a good time of discussion and music.

It was then time to go back to work. We need to get the plumbing and electrical rough in completed so we can get the drywall up. Dave, Gene and Oneta worked on electrical most of the day but Anne even helped by learning how to strip wires and prepare for installation of the outlets. Steve worked on plumbing. Jackie, Cheryl, and Sandra spent a lot of time on ladders today, painting. There may be some sore necks, backs and legs tomorrow. Bryant finished the repair of the closet ceiling and caulked everything so that tomorrow it will be ready for painting. He also worked on some drywall repairs, as did Anne. Max did some drywall patching and other things but spends most of his days answering questions and keeping everyone else busy.

At lunch we were treated to a hot dog dinner at City Electric. They grilled the hot dogs and we had chips and cup cakes. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it. They offered us discounts on any tools and supplies we needed and gave all the ladies pink – breast cancer awareness – hard hats and the guys got blue light bulbs for autism awareness. They told us about City Electric and we shared some information about what we do as NOMADS. They thanked us for all the volunteer hours NOMADS give to the Hinton Center. Very nice gesture by one of the Hinton Center vendors.

We were all really glad to have Carol return this afternoon and even more, we celebrated her good report on the tests she had done. Now she and Dave can continue with their planned projects without worry. Thank You God for answered prayers.

After work some of us sat outside and enjoyed the nice afternoon/evening just chatting, visiting and laughing. It was another good day.

Rhododendrons on campus
We saw these rhododendrons as we were walking back up the hill after work

Day Two – Starting The Rebuild

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bryant leading singing at morning devotionDave brought a very inspiring and heartfelt devotion about “Love Bursts” this morning. That coupled with Bryant’s guitar playing and song leading really got us off to a good start. After devotion Bill taught a short lesson on electric devices and wiring and then we went to work.

Everyone picked right back up where they stopped yesterday and accomplished a lot, even though the results were not as visually dramatic. Everyone just jumped in, changing jobs whenever needed to accomplish the task. Dave and Gene, and sometimes Oneta, continued running new circuits for the kitchen electrical. Dave, Bryant and Jackie removed more drywall so the wiring could be roughed in. Steve and Sandra continued working on the stairs, then Sandra started painting the ceiling while Steve worked on plumbing. Using a reinforced 2×4 and a floor jack, Bryant and Max installed a new ceiling in a bedroom closet where it had sagged. Jackie, Cheryl and Oneta prepared a porch swing for painting. Max, Jackie and Cheryl pulled the old vinyl flooring up from the kitchen and hall. And Jackie and Cheryl worked on getting the retaining wall ready for painting. You all should be tired just from reading all that. What an energetic hard working team. Oh, and there is STILL one wire sticking up through the kitchen floor that we haven’t been able to pull out. Maybe tomorrow.

Just before lunch Bill told us it was Volunteer Appreciation Day at Hinton and we were all invited to lunch. As always, lunch was delicious and Jackie, the CEO of Hinton, spoke about how much volunteers do for the Center and how very much they are appreciated.

And most importantly, Anne returned to the team from Atlanta late this afternoon.

Demo Day!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Some NOMADS really like to tear things up. Fortunately, we have a few of those on this team and they are good. As a result we made a lot of progress today in the Lake House. The day started with our usual devotion time with songs and prayer. We are very fortunate to have Bryant here with his guitar to lead our music. As we have said before, our morning devotions are the most important thing we do all day. Afterward, Bill gave us our work priorities for the day – to demolish the current kitchen and stair rails in preparation for their replacement. First we cleaned out all the cabinets and removed all the furniture and appliances for the kitchen, living room and dining room. Then while Steve, Sandra and Dave started removing the stair rail, the rest of the team worked upstairs removing ceiling fan blades, blinds, light fixtures and carpet.

During the day people moved from task to task as needed, especially when trying to disconnect the old plumbing and electrical. Some of the electrical took a long time to trace and remove. In fact there is one wire sticking up through the kitchen floor that we still haven’t been able to pull out.

This is a great team. All day nobody asked “What should I do?” They all just saw what needed to be done – and did it. It’s great how fast this team has come together when a lot of us have never worked together before.

Stormy Night Last Night

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The new pavilion this morning

Last night a strong front passed through this part of North Carolina. We could see the trees bending over around the parking lot and twigs and leaves pelted the side of the coach. It was over quickly and we slept to the sound of rain the rest of the night. This morning between showers we were outside and Bill drove by and told us the new pavilion had been blown down during the night. We drove down and saw the sad sight. We had heard they were planning a ribbon cutting for the pavilion this week and part of our project was to finish the restrooms and equipment room there. Don’t guess that will happen now.

Before church Anne got a message from her brother in Atlanta that her sister-in-law had taken a turn for the worse. He was needing some help and support so she drove to Atlanta to be with Jim and Marguerite. Marguerite has been battling ovarian cancer since 2015 and things are not going well now. Interestingly the drive to Atlanta from Hayesville was beautiful. Google’s suggested route led over some really windy north Georgia mountain roads with steep inclines and descents. Hopefully Anne will be back to work in a day or two.

We all attended church at Oak Forest UMC, which is just down the road from the Hinton Center. Every time we have been there the service has been very well done. Today was no exception. And the congregation always makes us feel welcome. After the service the team decided to go to Rib Country for lunch. We came back to camp instead to get Anne ready to go to Atlanta.

Max spent the afternoon walking around campus, greeting Gene and Oneda, the final two team members to arrive, and preparing for the initial team meeting. Since Anne wasn’t there he had more to do like getting the food ready. It rained most of the afternoon but stopped just before time for the meeting. We met at the lake house which is also where we will be having our daily devotions and where we will be working. The meeting started with everyone introducing themselves and telling about their families and NOMADS experience then we covered all the required informational and safety topics. After that, Bill discussed the tasks we will be undertaking. We ended with a few snacks and fellowship. In other words – our usual agenda. This seems like it will be another fun group and we are looking forward to working with them and accomplishing a lot for Hinton. The forecast calls for more rain tomorrow (we are under a flood warning) so we are thankful for inside work.