Saving $$

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

red maple
Red maples are about to start dropping seeds

Today started as another glorious spring day. That’s 2 in a row. More and more of the trees are budding out and the grass is growing. Love spring!! It was another stay at home day and more walking. Max needs to continue to walk to work out the soreness so we did about 3.5 miles today. He can’t pick up anything heavy, but the more he walks the better. He is continuing to improve although not as fast as he would like.

What’s the $$ about? Well Anne’s brother Sonny always says that you need to really check out your insurance every few years just to keep everyone honest. We decided to review Fred’s policy which is up for renewal next month. We received the renewal notice and new rate last week. It seemed it was up another couple of hundred again this year. Are we the only ones that seem to have always increasing rates? Anyway, today we carefully reviewed the policy – the agreed upon rate on the rig was way above the current value. It was the value about 5 years ago. So by reducing the value we saved about $1,000.00. Not saying you can do that every time you review a policy but everyone really should take time to review every 3 years or so. This applies to all your insurance – home owners, auto, life and health. We all get too busy to do this and it costs us money. And insurance sometimes makes us feel very incompetent – constantly have to look up definitions. But – the investment of some time really paid off this time. Tomorrow we see the surgeon for follow up. Praying for a good report.

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