Monday, March 20, 2017

Sorry for the gap in posting. Last week was pretty exhausting for both of us. We wanted to get home and get Max repaired ASAP, but things moved even faster than we expected. We are thankful for that even if it was ice cream cone We got no sleep Thursday night, but things have improved each day since then. Today we decided to get out for the first time. It was free ice cream cone day at Dairy Queen. Couldn’t pass up free ice cream – especially Dairy Queen. So we went to DQ, and picked up a few things at the grocery store. It went pretty well, but still certainly not 100%. However, our surgeon assures us that we will be ready for our Camp Sumatanga project in two weeks and we are looking forward to that.

We have been in contact with our team in Cedartown and they made good progress Wednesday and Thursday. Also, the current leaders at Elmore City updated their blog if you want to see the progress continuing to be made on the home we worked on there. Looks like they may finish by sometime next week. We would love to be there to see the finished project. Hopefully, we will get some pictures to share with you. Hope everyone has a good week and thanks to all of you for the prayers, texts and emails. We could certainly feel them. Please continue to pray for complete recovery.

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