God Is So Good!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

drone view of campground
Frank braved the cold to capture this drone view of the campground for us.

Feeling very blessed this evening.

joyce and ken sharing devotion
Joyce and Ken sharing a moving devotion that led to a discussion of the film “The Shack” that some of the team went to see last night.

This morning we got up and continued packing up FRED preparing to return home. We went to devotion time with the team where Ken and Joyce had a thought provoking devotion. We then told the team we would be leaving and said sad goodbyes. Harry and Frank helped get our ladder on the truck and while doing that we noticed the ice on the dumpster.

temperature this morning
The temperature this morning. (Actually it said 23, but changed just as the picture was taken.)

It was really cold this morning. We were so thankful that we had no frozen pipes. We went back to the campground to finish packing and pulled out about 9:15.

We had and uneventful drive home and while driving my scheduler from Cullman Internal Medicine called to say she had been able to get us an appointment with the surgeon today at 3:30. That was wonderful news. We arrived at home, got ourselves parked, plugged in and started unloading. It was soon time to drive to Cullman for our appointment. The even more wonderful news is that our surgeon will be able to perform the surgery tomorrow morning! He plans to use a block rather than general anesthesia, do the surgery laparoscopically, and said there will be about a 3 week recovery. All of this is such a blessing!!! We should be back on the road soon! We have remained in contact with our MHCC team and they have now got a replacement for us, a couple that were headed back north but due to the severe weather would like to stay in the south a few more weeks. We are so glad they won’t be working short handed. Blessings on blessings. God is SO GOOD!


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