Dumpster Day

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

cedartown forecast 3-14Well, it seems we are now having winter. What a drag. According to the NWS forecast for Cedartown, we are having a hard freeze here tonight with a low of about 24 and from checking on family it must be about equally cold in Alabama. We actually had sleet and a little snow this afternoon when we left work.

We accomplished a lot today. The dumpster was arriving when we left yesterday so we started the morning with getting some of the old cabinets, and the other debris we accumulated yesterday to the dumpster. There are several more cabinets that will eventually be trashed but we stored them in rooms not affected by the remodel and will wait until the end to see if there is still room in the dumpster. We completed the demolition on the kitchen and office. We started the demo on the final room so demo should be about completed by end of the day tomorrow, we hope. We had another wonderful lunch provided by MHCC. Yesterday was chicken pot pie and today was cheeseburger soup and tacos. They feed us really well.

Unfortunately, this will be our last day at MHCC for this project. Max has developed a hernia and we will be returning home to see the surgeon tomorrow or Thursday. Please keep us in your prayers. We know this is just a little bump in the road and we will be back on projects really soon, but it sure makes us sad to leave our good friends and the work here.

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