Thursday, February 16, 2017

Today was another beautiful sunny day. So we have finished our first week on the 2017 Oklahoma Disaster Rebuild Project. It’s been a great week. Today we completed our first assignment. It was a one bedroom, one bath home in the middle of the area that flooded in Maysville. The rebuild began several months ago – “before Halloween” per the home owner. The application process began even before that. The home owner said he had decided that his home was a total loss and he would just get it bulldozed and sell the lot since he didn’t have any insurance and not enough money to do anything else. Someone from United Methodist Disaster Response-Oklahoma came by to see him. He told them they could take a look but…. When he was told they could help him he wanted to know what was the catch. “From my experience ain’t nothing free so what’s the catch.” First a VIM team came in and mucked the house out. A team from Colorado came in and started the rebuild working on the interior and exterior. Several more VIM teams from Oklahoma and  Louisiana worked on the house. Finally this week, we had the joy of completing the final work. Today we finished the painting, installed shelves in the closets, installed bathroom fixtures and generally cleaned up the construction mess.

Finished tub and shower
Finished bathroom shelves
Finished closet
One of many patched walls

It is the tradition of NOMADS that everyone who works on a rebuild writes a note to the homeowner including one of our favorite scriptures, in a Bible that we then present to the homeowner. bible-redactedThis afternoon we presented the Bible to the homeowners of “house #1.” It was so great. The homeowners were so happy and yes tears were shed. A few months ago they were hopeless. Today, with the help of people who love God, they are back in a home that is better than before the flood. What was the catch? Only that he and his wife have been surrounded by the love of God for the past several months. They were truly amazed.

Today some of us also visited the next home we will begin working on Monday. This one has been mucked out but the rebuild has not begun. We have LOTS to do and it will NOT be completed in a week.



After work we drove over to the Elmore City Recreation Area. It is a nice area with baseball and softball fields plus a nice lake with about 4 piers for fishing and a boat ramp. Scout would have loved this place. You can walk all around the lake and there is a nice picnic area. There is also what appeared to us as a fill site for water trucks/fire trucks. Didn’t see any trucks come in but…that’s what it looked like to us.


We had a question about our devotions from one of our readers and asked that we consider sharing a little more about that time. We will try to do that as we go forward. As general information, everyone on the team picks the day they want to bring the devotion. We usually start out by singing “This is the Day” and maybe a prayer. Then there is whatever the person of the day wants to bring – a devotion from their favorite devotion book or some sort of meditation. We have a little discussion as appropriate. We keep a prayer list that we review/add to each day, and have prayer. We sometimes sing another song. The primary thought for today was that we are all called to be seekers. To be a true follower of Jesus means we must become an all-out seeker of Him. Yes, we know him, but there is so much more of Him to know. Proverbs 2:1-6, Jeremiah 2:13. The devotion was taken partially from Seedbed Daily Text.

Tomorrow we plan to go to the National Weather Center and Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK. We have a tour scheduled for 1:00. Should be a fun day.

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