Finally out of Alabama

Monday August 3, 2020

We had a busy but great week since our last report. Randy and Debra were back in Alabama for followup with the cardiologist and received a great report! And of course the four of us had a blast visiting again. There is never a shortage of laughter when we are together. With all the craziness going on in the world today laughter is such a blessing. On the LOL (Little Old Ladies) front, Aunt Helen has continued to improve. Aunt Jean unfortunately has now tested positive for Covid. However, she has absolutely no symptoms. She is now 97 years old. Remarkable! All the residents get tested each week so we will see what next week brings. At this point, since Helen has improved so much, we are back to the No Visit status but we will take the no visit status if we can keep getting good reports on our LOLs.

New worship centerWe completed some projects at the house such as exterior pressure washing and a few other items are off the list. We also really enjoyed our first Sunday back to in-person worship at Lester Memorial. It felt really good to be back in church. We did it very carefully with distancing and masks. We also decided we were ready for a little break and were able to get some last minute reservations, so this morning we began a little road trip. We are finally out of Alabama for a while! There’s nothing wrong with being IN Alabama, but we are on the road again! Tonight we are camped at Up the Creek RV park near Pigeon Forge. We have a pull-in site looking out the front window at Walden Creek and enjoyed sitting outside eating our hot dogs for supper. So restful and peaceful and a little cooler than the past few weeks at home. Hopefully we will get to do some hiking and bear viewing while we are here.

Another Infrequent Update

Monday, July 27, 2020

Well, since our last update the Constructors for Christ project was finished last week.

We didn’t include in our last update that not only did Max’s brother Randy have a heart attack on Tuesday, but we received a call from the nursing home Thursday morning (the day of Randy’s second procedure), telling us that they thought Aunt Helen was dying.  (It was a really bad week.)  The good news is that she has also has improved.  And because they thought Helen was dying, we can now get into the nursing home and check on both Helen and Jean.  It was so good to get to see them both – finally.  Helen seems to have stabilized again at a lower level but she is definitely better than she was the morning we got the call. And Randy is also doing well. Thank you for all the prayers.

Otherwise, we have been continuing to work around the houses and have made the last few steps in getting the truck ready to travel to our next project.

End of Week 4 and Thanks for the Prayers

Friday, July 17, 2020

We ended our Week 4 of this year’s Constructors for Christ project last night but we were too tired to write a blog then. Other than the obvious scary event we enjoyed the work and meeting other Constructors that we don’t normally see on the projects. There is one more week of work scheduled at the church.

More importantly Randy was discharged from the hospital today and is back on the mountain with us. He has a total of 4 stents placed in the arteries around his heart and is feeling much better. And of course we are thrilled to have him here for a couple of days. Thank you everyone who sent up prayers for him. They were strongly felt by all of us. Please continue to pray for him (and Debra) as he makes a few life adjustments and heals.

Week Four, Day Two – Prayers Answered!

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

We returned again to the Constructors for Christ project Pine Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Rosa Alabama. But we didn’t stay all day. We worked all morning framing more walls. Shortly after lunch Max’s brother Randy had a sudden onset heart attack. Thanks to Anne’s quick recognition of the symptoms and an excellent ambulance crew he was in a cath lab at St. Vincent hospital in downtown Birmingham almost within the hour. He had one stent and is expected to have another later in the week. Thanks to God’s response to all the prayers that went up from the mission volunteers, the church member’s and our extended family he is doing fine this evening. Please still keep him in your prayers.