Welcome 2023

Sunday, January 1, 2023

WOW, it’s 2023.  How many times will we now write 2022 in error?  A bunch if previous years are an indication.  We are still enjoying our time at Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores.  Since our NOMADS project for ECHO, a wonderful agency that teaches farming skills to small plot farmers worldwide, had to be canceled due the hurricane damage in the North Fort Myers area we have some extra time here.  The weather has greatly improved and we are having much more normal temperatures. Tuesday we attended another naturalist presentation, this time on turtles.  Of course, we shared with her our story of Aunt Jean’s box turtle who is now 51 years old.  The park has one that is about the same age – they aren’t sure of his exact birthday, so they say it is between 50 and 60.  Friday was a stormy day with heavy rain, but at least it was warm.  We have been enjoying shrimp and other seafood, walks on the beach, hiking and biking along with some great sunsets.  We also met some friends from Blount County while walking around the park, and we met another Blount County couple who saw our Blount tag and just stopped to chat.  Today being January 1, the state park sponsored a “First Day Hike” which we joined.  It was a two mile hike on a flat paved path but it was fun.  We saw an alligator and birds and flora and fauna.  Later while photographing the eagles, we met another couple originally from our area who have retired to Foley. Thanks for checking in on our ramblings.  May God bless you and hold you close during 2023.

2 thoughts on “Welcome 2023”

  1. Hi, We know which site you were in when you shared it with the heron. That heron was there in early November! Enjoy!


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