Checking in on the Way Back to Work

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

After our three wonderful weeks at ECHO in North Fort Myers working with a super team, we needed to return to Alabama to do some mundane stuff.  On the way north we stopped in Tampa to visit with some friends who were at the RV show there.  We really didn’t see or do much of interest at the show except the people we went to visit.  It was great to see friends from all over the country.

Back in Alabama we had doctor visits, dental visits, court hearings for the aunt’s estates, and Anne worked on many NOMADS Board items.  We also made a trip to South Carolina to spend a few days with Randy and Debra – always a special time.  While there Randy and Max installed a rack on the van that will give us a little more storage and tool carrying possibilities.

We decided that we needed a little down time, so we left Alabama early to stop at Jekyll Island for a few days on the way to Enterprise Florida for our next NOMADS project.  Driving the van, we decided to take the back roads and drove US Hwy 280 from south of Birmingham to Pitts, Georgia – a tiny little Georgia town with a neat Harvest Host site, Oliver Farm Artisan Oils.  The owner was super nice to open his store on Sunday afternoon so we could make some purchases.  They make pecan oil and pecan flour as well as other specialty oils and items which we are looking forward to trying.  Georgia is the number one producer of pecans so there are ample resources for the oil.  They extract the oil and then take the “meat” that is left and make flower from it.  Unfortunately, they did not have any pecan flour in stock so we will have to order some. We have several recipes we are anxious to try.  We will let you know how they turn out.  From Pitts we landed on Jekyll Island, a place many of you have visited but one we always just drove past with the intent of visiting someday.  Today is someday.

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