Vacation is Over

January 2, 2022

Since our Christmas blog post, we spent our time enjoying the many trails and attractions at Gulf State Park. We hiked and biked every day and did our usual wildlife viewing and photography. We had several delicious meals of local seafood and took care of chores and NOMADS business.

Last Tuesday, while Anne worked on NOMADS Board business, Max once again participated in the park’s Give Back Tuesday, a day each week for volunteers to help out around the park. About a dozen volunteers showed up to help finish a fence that was needed to direct people away from occupied campsites to an established trail. Apparently some people don’t know it is rude to walk through someone else’s campsite.

As much as we enjoyed our time and rest at Gulf State Park, it’s time to get back to work. We sadly left the park Friday morning and started south to our next project. We arrived here in the North Fort Myers, Florida area to spend three weeks working on a NOMADS project at ECHO, also known as Hope Against Hunger. Our regular readers may remember that almost exactly a year ago we were also here for the same reason.

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