Bed Build

We just noticed that this post did not get published when we wrote it:

Sunday, September 26, 202

We left Elkhart as planned on Tuesday and drove as far south as Elizabethtown, KY.  We drove in intermittent light rain and the trip was otherwise uneventful.  We overnighted in a UMC parking lot after being given permission by the senior pastor.  It was a quiet and restful night.  From there we had the usual horrible traffic thru Nashville and then made our way back to Pine Mountain.  We found everything at Helen’s as we left it except it was obvious there had been a lot of rain.  That and a volunteer “kudzu like” watermelon vine growing across the driveway and out into the front yard.  The vine was there before we left with number of blossoms but now the vine has taken over and we have four watermelons. We had to reposition the vines before we could park.  All this, because Max tossed some seeds out after we ate some watermelon earlier in the summer.  We doubt the melons will ever mature because we are already having a little cooler weather but….we will continue to watch.

The nursing home did allow us back into the facility to see the two Aunts, in spite of worsening COVID numbers.  They have again had several staff and patients diagnosed with COVID.  Out ladies are in a different part of the facility from the COVID patients and seem about the same.

Saturday our church had another bed build as part of the Sleep In Heavenly Peace ministry.  Since we are in town, we were able to help with the build for the first time.  Every other build has been when we were out of town.  The group of about 45 volunteers built 34 beds from 8:00-11:00.  That’s taking lumber, cutting it to proper sizes, sanding, all the way thru branding and staining the final bed. Pretty fast!  Until Lester Memorial began this ministry, we had no idea the number of children that sleep on couches, chairs, and in the floor every night.  Now we just have to wait for the mattresses to arrive.  Another shortage since COVID  – back-ordered mattresses.  But as soon as they arrive SHP will schedule the deliveries of the beds and thirty-four more kids will have their own bed to sleep in.  Next month the build will be in Athens, AL – right up on the AL/TN line.  Great ministry!

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