First Week in Laurel in the Books

Friday, May 14, 2021

It has been a great week in most ways.  We have worked at the abandoned and donated mobile home every day.  It’s rained most days and the path into the trailer is now very muddy and slick.  Very glad we have four wheel drive!  With the help of some YWAM young people for one day and one of the case managers, the trailer has been cleaned out!  Many bags of garbage to the dump.  Also, all the appliances to the dump.  When the previous owners left and power was disconnected, there was still food in the chest freezer and the refrigerator.  Horrible stench!  Five trailer loads to the dump.  Everything smells better since we removed all the carpet and carpet pad.

After emptying the house, we began on the master bedroom repairs.  We have removed most of the ceiling drywall and insulation as well as the front wall drywall and insulation.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of rot.  We will be building a temporary wall to support the structure and then replacing the upper and lower plate, studs and wall sheathing.  We haven’t begun on the damage in the master bath but there is a hole in the ceiling over the tub, caused by a limb.  A tremendous amount was accomplished this week just to get things cleaned out.  It was a very good week!

The only down side to our week is that we still own the house and land.  We are still dealing with some pretty incompetent people on the closing.  They just can’t seem to type a land description with out errors.  We sent them exactly what needed to be typed on the deed and title insurance.  Yep.  Came back with errors – transposition of numbers and one entire line of the property description just omitted.  We have sent it back again this morning and another was posted this afternoon – again with errors.  We sent it back and have been told “it’s been sent to legal” – for the fourth time!  We just wonder how many deeds are out there that are incorrect.  What a mess!  We are now hoping for closing next week.  It will happen.  We will be patient and wait on God’s timing.   Well, maybe not so patient but… we will try.  Hope everyone has a great weekend because we plan to.  Without a trip back to Alabama for closing, we have time to play.

One thought on “First Week in Laurel in the Books”

  1. wow, what a mess y’all have had to deal with. I think that trailer should have gone to the landfill. LOL. so sorry about the house deal but it will happen. I got to see Joshua graduate tonight via the computer. So proud of him. God is great. Take care.


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