Finished in South Carolina

Monday, April 19, 2021

Sorry for the delay in posting.  Last week was a very busy week.  Tuesday we all returned to Wallace to continue our work.  Sara repaired drywall in the kitchen of the house.  The water leaks made the seams on the drywall pop loose and some of the texture was damaged as well.  There was also a few areas in the living room that needed some work.  Anne again was working in the bedroom.  There was some pretty major damage in one corner but the entire ceiling needed some love.  After the drywall repair, they began painting the ceilings with the help of Elaine on Wednesday, finishing up on Thursday.

Stel, Jodi, Randy, Mary and Lou continued to work on the trailer.  The kitchen floor was all shored up and is now very solid.  Stel and Lou then worked on the back steps.  The steps that were removed were a disaster waiting to happen but the new steps were in place before the end of the day Thursday.  They look great and are safe.  Randy and Mary continued to work in the bathroom which, as is usual for mobile home baths, presented several challenges.  There were a least two leaks that had to be repaired.  Max made several trips to the hardware stores getting necessary parts.

Thursday afternoon after work the team had the joy of having Leo’s Bible presentation.  He seemed pleased and very thankful for the work done on his home.  Thursday evening for the first time since last March, the team went to dinner together.  We were blessed to have a team with all members fully vaccinated.  We were in a separate room and apart from others.  We felt safe and the food at Captain Larry’s was fantastic.  Hope to go back there some day.

Friday morning, Carolyn and Gene arrived to take over leadership in Tatum and we began our trip home.  We stopped to visit with Randy and Debra Friday afternoon and made our way back to Alabama Sunday.  We will spend the next three weeks preparing our house for sale.  There is a lot to be done and we got a good start today.  Hoping all goes well.

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