We bugged out!

Thursday, March 17, 2021

Convective OutlookStarting a few days ago the National Weather Service and local media meteorologists started expressing concern about today’s weather. By this morning central Alabama had been determined to be at High Risk of long track tornadoes and large hail. So – as we have advised others who have wheels under their homes to do – we left for an area of lower risk. We drove northeast to Chattanooga where only rain is expected. We will spend the night in a store parking lot then head back in the morning.  Praying for all our friends and family that might be in danger tonight.

Otherwise, since our last blog post we have been working around the property, working on taxes, and NOMADS work. Except last Saturday, when we spent the day with about 45 other members of our church at Camp Sumatanga cleaning up and getting things ready for summer camp and retreats.

One thought on “We bugged out!”

  1. Watching the destruction in Alabama right now on national news. Hope you guys are safe. Phil and Mary (on your NOMADS Sumatanga project) are visiting with us for the next few days. They LOVED working with you two!


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