Moving and Waiting

Thursday February 25, 2021

We enjoyed our time at Eastbank Campground on Lake Seminole and hope to return sometime.  The weather warmed up each day and there were beautiful sunsets most evenings.  The campground reminded us of state parks.  Sites were a little close and in the A loop where we were are gravel instead of asphalt, but very level.  There aren’t many trails but hiking over to the dam could be done through the woods or by road.  On Saturday, our first hike to the dam, we rounded a curve and there was a beautiful eagle with a fish.  It immediately flew, with his fish.  Of course, we did not have the good wildlife camera with us, only our phones and didn’t get a good pic.

On Sunday we were prepared and while there was not an eagle on the ground with a fish, we did get some nice airborne shots. Love eagles!  Our Alltrails app showed a nice sounding trail in Bainbridge so on Tuesday we headed over there. We enjoyed the paved trail but didn’t see much wildlife.

On the way to Bainbridge we drove by a historical marker in the middle of nowhere – actually in a community called Recovery. So we stopped and took a few pictures and got a short history lesson.

Since Florida will not allow Alabama residents over 65 to receive Covid vaccines, even though they were allowing it when we got on the wait list, and Alabama finally decided to start offering the Covid vaccine to those over 65 two weeks ago, we have been trying to schedule an appointment.  This was one reason we headed north.  We wanted to be able to get to Alabama quickly.  Very frustrating situation.  There are no appointments available in our county until late May.  Actually, when we were searching, there was not an appointment available at any north Alabama health department until May.  We searched all over the state and found that there was a drive-through, no appointment required vaccine clinic in Foley today.  They were to be giving first and second doses and we were told that although the clinic opens at 9:00 we should plan to arrive no later than 5am if we hoped to receive a vaccine.  So, we left Eastbank two days earlier than planned and arrived in Gulf Shores, (15 minutes from Foley) yesterday afternoon with plans to get up at 3:30 and be in line by 4:30-5:00 this morning.  Unfortunately, at 5:30 yesterday the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) canceled all first dose vaccines for today’s clinic. So frustrated and angry!  However, after learning this and reaching out to a friend of Max’s we learned that two nearby Walmarts were receiving vaccine today and were beginning to schedule appointments last night.  We were able to schedule appointments for Sunday afternoon!  So…praying all goes as planned and we will have dose one of the Pfizer vaccine Sunday.  Walmart also said they would be scheduling our dose 2 while we are there.  We will gladly return to south Alabama if we can just get fully vaccinated.  We are planning to be leading a disaster rebuild project in South Carolina in May so we really want to have both our injections before leaving Alabama again. Praying.  (Oh, ADPH was on Facebook this afternoon at 2:30 (clinic ended at 3:00) begging people to come – no waiting and still had 300 vaccines to give – but only second dose – aaarrggghh!)

Since we didn’t need to be in line for a shot today, we got to have fun in Gulf Shores.  Walking in the sun and sand, eating shrimp and riding our bikes to the eagle nest makes for a great day!  After a very frustrating day yesterday, we really appreciated today.

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