Finished the NOMADS Project at Dundee

Saturday, February 13, 2021

We have finished the project in Dundee where we worked for the Dundee UMC about two weeks and Camp Endeavor for about a week, but in reality it was three weeks of ten Christians living out their faith by serving others.  We had a great time getting to know two couples we had never worked with previously and renewed friendships with the other two couples.  Good times!  We all worked hard and accomplished many tasks (see the list of tasks below) that will hopefully further the ministries in Dundee.  Max and Anne finished the project with a total of 48 florescent light fixtures converted to LED.  We spent lots of time up in the air the last week.  Others spent lots of time painting, power washing and cleaning.  We pray that Camp Endeavor will get to have their summer programs for deaf and hearing impaired young people and that Dundee UMC will continue to grow their church beyond to doors of the building.  We said goodbye to Gene and Mary Ann and Randy and Nell Thursday afternoon as they headed to other commitments, and Friday we departed along with Mike and Barb.  Bill and Becky were going to have to dodge the snow and ice as they headed back to Ohio and were still watching the weather forecasts when we left Friday.  We pray for everyone’s safe travel.

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