Winding Down/Finishing Up

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Our last weekend in Hattiesburg was a nice one.  After riding Friday, we did laundry and the like on Saturday morning.  Saturday afternoon we welcomed our new team members, Suzan and Kevin.  It was great to meet them and introduce them to disaster rebuild work since this is their first week of DR.  Sunday everyone worshiped via live stream since Oak Grove UMC is following the Bishop’s recommendation and has again halted in person worship.  So tired of COVID!  Can’t wait til we can take a vaccine.  We had our team meeting Sunday afternoon.  There was a football game Sunday night that some wanted to watch and the weather was nice enough for an outside afternoon meeting. Outside meetings are always better.  We watched a Christmas movie Sunday night.  We had a fun, relaxing weekend and got some extra rest.

Monday we were all back to work.  The entire team headed out to the Wesley Foundation.   We stopped and rented a different floor machine that removes the glue left on the floor by the carpet squares that were removed last week.  Those who worked at the house all last week got to see what was going on at Wesley and then Kevin, Suzan, Jodi and Anne headed back to the house.  We had lots of painting to complete and fortunately Kevin and Suzan are a great painting team.  Monday, after looking at the bedroom repair and spot painting we did Thursday, we knew immediately the entire room had to be painted.  The bathroom, after priming last week was ready for paint.  Kevin and Susan tackled both of those rooms.  Anne was so involved in other items that she didn’t get any pictures of the painting.  Jodi painted the bathroom door and trim as we continued to make items off the list. By this afternoon, we had crossed off most of the items on our punch list.

Back at Wesley, Stel completed the door trim and worked with Jim, Max and Chris on the flooring.  We kept the floor machine for another day and they all worked on the floor again today.  By the end of the day the grinder work was finally completed and tomorrow will be a clean up day.  The folks working on the floor are really tried tonight.  It was a big job.  Only two more days to complete the rest of our work.  We think we will make it.

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