Start of Week 2

Monday, December 7, 2020

Hope you all had a great weekend.  We did our usual shopping and cleaning.  We had to say goodbye to Mary Ann and Gene but plan to work with them again soon.  We also rested and prepared for two more RVs to arrive, a single and a couple.  Unfortunately, the couple has had to quarantine due to a family friend becoming ill.  Hopefully, they will remain healthy and join us at the end of the week.  We miss them but certainly appreciate their concern for our health as well as their own.

Max and Anne led devotion today with a reading entitled “Christmas Card Prayers”.  The question presented was, what do you do with all the Christmas cards you receive after you open, read and enjoy the note or picture enclosed.  The suggestion was made that we should save them and then pray for the senders.  You could put them in a basket and then pull one out each morning and pray for that person/family throughout the day.  Something to consider.

After devotion, we all headed out to work.  The entire team went to our job site and then divided up.  Max took Stel, Jim and Dave to the Wesley Foundation and Anne, Jodi, Betty and Tom continued to work on the house.  At the house a lot was accomplished today.  All the drywall finishing is complete including the texturing.  Darrell worked with us today and did all the texturing for us.  Jodi worked hard all day painting doors, closet shelves and trim.  Betty first worked on sanding some of the drywall and then completed all the painting in the kitchen.  The kitchen is complete except for some paint on one drywall patch.  After that, Betty began cutting in the wall paint in the family room.  Tom and Anne completed the second coat of mud on all the drywall patches and main bath.  Tom also worked on the transition strips and will probably complete those tomorrow.  After completing drywall work Anne began painting the family room walls.  More to do but we are getting there.

At the Wesley Foundation, the morning was spent evaluating some water incursion problems.  With everyone putting their heads together and mulling it over they came up with a plan that we think will help.  After trips to the store for supplies, Jim and Dave began the work to divert part of the water away from the flat roof.  Max and Stel began the work of installing a door by first repositioning one of the light boxes in the suspended ceiling.  Mondays are usually a little slow but all projects are well under way.  It was a really good day!

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