Thanksgiving Week 2020

Sunday, November 29, 2020

This Sunday was much different from last week.  Today rather than 8 miles and over 25,000 steps we have barely over 10,000 steps. It has rained all day with very brief periods of misting rain.  But more on today later.  First let us catch you up on our wonderful Thanksgiving week. 

Last Sunday we were in Gaffney awaiting our Monday appointment for Fred’s annual service.  We checked in at the service center at 7:45 and they were all ready for us with the paperwork for our desired work already complete – annual service on Fred and generator, check for any recalls that were ready to be worked and schedule our service next year – Monday before Thanksgiving just like this year.  Fred received a great report with no problems found and all work complete and was back in our campsite by about 1:00.  We ran a few more errands after paying our bill and stayed the night at the service center.  Tuesday morning we were on the way to see Randy and Debra.  It was so good so see them.  We had not seen them since Randy’s two week follow up after his heart attack so this week was especially special.  Randy looks and seems to feel great.  Just a reminder of how much we have to be thankful for every day!  Anne and Debra always have fun planning our meals and cooking.  The guys always have some project that needs work.  This time it was the tractor and taking down some pine trees.  None of the four of us ever left the property after we arrived until we headed to Hattiesburg, MS on Friday morning.  It was a wonderful Thanksgiving!

We stopped for the night Friday night in a rest area south of Tuscaloosa on I 20 shortly before the MS state line.  It had started to rain so we called it a day.  It rained most of the night but by 7:00 am Saturday morning all the storms we to our east.  It was a very easy drive on into Hattiesburg yesterday and we were able to get parked, set up at Oak Grove UMC and made a grocery store run before it began to rain again.   It is still raining – 5:30 pm Sunday.  Not a problem.  We have enjoyed a quiet day, been blessed by our church service at Lester Memorial as well as the service at Oak Grove which we also streamed.  Tomorrow we were begin our work repairing homes damaged by tornadoes.  Please pray for the safety and health of our team.

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