Another Week in Review

Saturday, November 14, 2020

We have been the busy ones this week.  Of course, first things first, we worshiped with our Lester Memorial friends Sunday morning.  We have decided to go back to streaming our services due to the major spike in the Covid cases in our area.

Our leaves are in full color.  Our mountain is so very pretty.  It is also time to do all the fall maintenance items for FRED.  We started on Sunday afternoon – a beautiful day – and washed the roof and applied 303 Protectant.    Monday, we washed the entire rig.  Then we had to wait a couple of days because of rain and more rain.  Then we began waxing in sections.  As of today, we have the entire rig waxed.  Feels good to have that job done.  Now we need to do our tank sanitizing that we also do every 6 months.

Tuesday night we had Boondockers Welcome guests stay with us.  They were a sweet couple with two sons age 8 and 10.  They are circumventing the lower 48 and plan to be back home in Washington state for Christmas.  We visited with them a little – social distancing and masks – and would loved to have shared a meal with them if it had been non-covid times.  Instead we just made them a loaf of blueberry bread for them to enjoy in their motorhome.  They left Wednesday morning heading to Montgomery.

We are thanking God for our new addition to our family, our great niece, Miriam Noel, 5#15oz, born Wednesday.  Of course, she is beautiful.  God is so Good!

Stay safe and healthy.

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