It’s Going To Be Fun

Sunday, September 27, 2020

This has been a busy week. Monday and Tuesday were spent with the surveyor. We have someone that wants to purchase Max’s grandmothers house and surrounding land. We will be keeping a portion out to have a place to park Fred if the need every arises. One thing 2020 has taught us is that life can certainly take strange turns. Of course, we also had all the mail to open and handle, bills to pay for the Aunts, etc. And laundry to do and Anne is still working on items that came up at the board meeting. Wednesday was shopping day, restocking the refrigerator and fresh produce. That took a while. We were getting pretty low on groceries. Thursday we cooked, preparing things for the freezer to be ready for our next project and Friday we prepared to move to Camp Sumatanga. We moved on Saturday and were excited to see our NOMADS friends. Gary and Sharon, our leaders, were there to greet us. Gene and Mary Ann arrived just before us and Stel and Jodi arrived later in the afternoon. We have worked with all these wonderful NOMADS on many projects and they are just the best. After so many months with no projects it’s great to be with our old friends.

We went back to Lester Memorial UMC for church today. We are very thankful for the live stream services when were are away from home but it’s so great to be able to attend in person with social distancing and masks. After lunch Phil and Mary and Carla joined us at Sumatanga. Phil and Mary are from PA and Karla from Birmingham by way of Sedona, AZ. All three are new NOMADS. This is their second project and they just happened to work their first project together a few weeks ago at Ten Sleep in WY. They didn’t know each other until that time and Phil and Mary were planning to stay out west but the smoke and fires pushed them this way. So glad to have them with us! We had our opening meeting tonight and we are now all old friends already. This should be a really fun three weeks.

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