Even More Gumby

Thursday, August 20, 2020

We woke up to a cool morning but the day rapidly turned hot. At least it felt hot on the roof.

As we mentioned yesterday, we were asked to change directions and come to Midwest Mission Distribution Center to finish out the interior of some new office space. So what did we do? We installed metal roofing.  Semper Gumby! Under the direction of fellow NOMADS Richard and Dianne and with the help of some of their family members, Matt, Breanna and Garrett we installed about three quarters of the metal.  To avoid the hottest part of the day, we worked from 8:00 am to about 1:00 pm, then took a long lunch and worked from 4:30 pm to about 8:00 pm.

Gumby Rides Again

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Gumby Rides AgainWe thought we were hanging out in Elkhart to have some fun and then move on east to Ohio to work at a church camp next week. Yep, that’s what we thought. However, we received a phone call and that plan changed. Got to love Gumby. It really is a blessing to have the freedom to change directions quickly.

Cooking the bacon we bought from Yoder's Meat and Cheese
Cooking the bacon we bought from Yoder’s Meat and Cheese

Yesterday we did some exercise. We did some cooking, We did some relaxing and we got Fred ready for travel. We also met Beth and Tom of the Rventure Awaits YouTube channel. They were parked on the opposite side of the campground from us. They are new full timers and new to YouTube. It’s always fun to meet and chat. Take a look at their videos as they start their full time travels.

And then today we headed west instead of east. Tonight we are parked at Midwest Mission Distribution Center in Pawnee, IL. We have worked here several times before and now we return to help complete an addition to the office space. NOMADS had a project scheduled in April that we were planning to work but of course that was canceled due to Covid. The addition has now been framed in and we along with a few other NOMADS will work to install the roof, and finish out the interior. We will see what tomorrow brings.


Monday, August 17, 2020

The RV park seemed almost empty when we did our walking early this morning and is still very quiet tonight. After breakfast and taking care of a little business, we drove over to Shipshewana, about a 35 minute drive from the campground. It was a beautiful drive and there seems to be a more Amish in that area based on the number of horse and buggies that were on the roads today.

We really had no specific agenda for visiting Shipshewana. We wanted to just look around and visit some of the shops that had been recommended. We started at Yoder’s Hardware. We had been told by someone that if they didn’t have it we didn’t need it. They did have a lot of “stuff” but we left with all our money in our wallets. There were several other shops in that area that we visited. We also visited the E&S Bulk foods. They were very crowded today and we really don’t like crowds right now. The lines were too long to consider making any purchases. However, next door was an outdoor store with many nice furniture pieces for outdoor living. We enjoyed trying them out and the beautiful day. We also stopped at the meat shop, and a bread/sandwich shop and jam store. Of course we made a few purchases. Our chicken salad club sandwich for lunch was really good. We stopped at a park for a little more hiking on the way home. Another nice day!

Riding the MapleHeart Trail

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Morning church serviceIt was a beautiful Sunday in Elkhart. We watched the live stream of our church service at Lester Memorial. Always such a blessing. We did some walking in the park while it was still cool and visited with some people parked around us. A lot of people left today. Guess they have to work or school tomorrow. We rode our bikes on a rail trail that runs from Elkhart to Goshen this afternoon. It was a good trail but not nearly as picturesque as most we have ridden. Rather than a trail through forests, it was primarily a concrete path a short distance off the highway and there was an active rail track close by. It was about 11.5 miles round trip so we got some good exercise and enjoyed the ride through a park as well. It was another good day.