Gumby Rides Again

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Gumby Rides AgainWe thought we were hanging out in Elkhart to have some fun and then move on east to Ohio to work at a church camp next week. Yep, that’s what we thought. However, we received a phone call and that plan changed. Got to love Gumby. It really is a blessing to have the freedom to change directions quickly.

Cooking the bacon we bought from Yoder's Meat and Cheese
Cooking the bacon we bought from Yoder’s Meat and Cheese

Yesterday we did some exercise. We did some cooking, We did some relaxing and we got Fred ready for travel. We also met Beth and Tom of the Rventure Awaits YouTube channel. They were parked on the opposite side of the campground from us. They are new full timers and new to YouTube. It’s always fun to meet and chat. Take a look at their videos as they start their full time travels.

And then today we headed west instead of east. Tonight we are parked at Midwest Mission Distribution Center in Pawnee, IL. We have worked here several times before and now we return to help complete an addition to the office space. NOMADS had a project scheduled in April that we were planning to work but of course that was canceled due to Covid. The addition has now been framed in and we along with a few other NOMADS will work to install the roof, and finish out the interior. We will see what tomorrow brings.

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