Another Infrequent Update

Monday, July 27, 2020

Well, since our last update the Constructors for Christ project was finished last week.

We didn’t include in our last update that not only did Max’s brother Randy have a heart attack on Tuesday, but we received a call from the nursing home Thursday morning (the day of Randy’s second procedure), telling us that they thought Aunt Helen was dying.  (It was a really bad week.)  The good news is that she has also has improved.  And because they thought Helen was dying, we can now get into the nursing home and check on both Helen and Jean.  It was so good to get to see them both – finally.  Helen seems to have stabilized again at a lower level but she is definitely better than she was the morning we got the call. And Randy is also doing well. Thank you for all the prayers.

Otherwise, we have been continuing to work around the houses and have made the last few steps in getting the truck ready to travel to our next project.

One thought on “Another Infrequent Update”

  1. Glad things are better and Randy is doing well and Aunt Helen too. I have to say I wouldNot consider that snake a friend. Get rid of that New truck looks great. Take care and God Bless


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