God Is Great! All The Time!

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

We know it has been a while since we posted but we really haven’t been doing anything exciting. We are okay. Really we are much better than okay. We are GREAT! As some of you know, Max has had a mass on the right side of his neck since January. Really it began about a year ago but went away, returned and he had a cat scan that showed nothing, it went way again and then returned in January and stayed. We scheduled an appointment with the specialist here while still in Florida and he was seen as soon as we returned home. After several trips to the doctor and different things being done, he had a needle aspiration and biopsy last Thursday. Finally today, he got a call from the doctor and ….

No malignancy identified
God is Great!

If you look back at our last post, we referred to Joshua 1:9. Yes, that was for us as well as our readers. We thank God for his love and care through this stressful time. Otherwise, we are still safely sheltering in place according to the state of Alabama’s stay at home order, and watching Spring spring.

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